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We are proud to do what we have been doing for +20 years, bringing our patients satisfaction when it comes to stunning white smiles.

Invisalign | Lasry Dental Clinic

We provide a wide array of General Dentistry services to help you as much or as little as needed, whether you need a new Invisalign tray, fillings, or just want to have your teeth cleaned.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Lasry Dental Clinic

We use Cosmetic Dentistry to improve the overall appearance of your smile by focusing on the color, position, shape, size, and alignment of your teeth, gums, and dental bite. Some procedures used in cosmetic dentistry are small and fairly simple, whereas some other treatments require particular supervision.

Crowns and Bridges | Lasry Dental Clinic

The goal of Restorative Dentistry is to take care of your teeth by restoring their natural look, shape and feel. It has to do with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of oral diseases.

Meet Dr. Samuel Lasry, D.D.S.

Dr. Samuel Lasry is a French Dentist who has more than 20 years of experience in Preventive and Cosmetic Dentistry.

He is a postgraduate from:
– The Dental Implantology University in France (Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital).
– Academic training at Harvard (Implantology).
– UCLA (General Dentistry).

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