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How To Get Over Anxiety at the Dentist Office

Having anxiety at the dentist is — honestly — a pretty rational feeling.  Most dental offices are sterile, uncomfortably formal, and just overall unwelcoming. For some, however, that feeling is a bit more intense than the average patient. You might not know it, but Dentophobia is a diagnosable condition. Usually, it means that you experience […]

How To Permanently Cure TMJ and Relieve Pain

Suffering from pain in your jaw? You’re not alone. Jaw pain is widespread and can be excruciating. And if you suspect you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, there’s no doubt that you want to figure out how to cure TMJ permanently.  The temporomandibular joint is responsible for facial muscle movement, like smiling or chewing. This […]


8 of the Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Products (ADA-Approved)!

All dentists know that the best at-home teeth whitening products are going to be ADA-approved. The ADA is the American Dental Association. Any over-the-counter teeth whiteners that are not ADA-approved are going to leave your dentist a bit skeptical. Believe it or not, there are drugstore products available that can effectively remove the most challenging […]