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How To Clean Invisalign Retainers From Home

Here’s the thing: if you have a dentist like Dr. Lasry, then you were probably given instructions on how to clean Invisalign retainers. But who actually keeps those manuals?  If you’re feeling a bit guilty about tossing it out, you’re not the only one. Our patients have to ask for a second set of these guidelines all the […]

Los Angeles Veneers: Everything You Need To Know

Are Los Angeles veneers right for you? Some might call them a beauty trend, but veneers are more than just a vanity prize. Veneers are paper-thin shells that cover your chipped, stained, or gapped teeth.  At Lasry Dental Clinic, we can recommend services that directly address these problems. With stained teeth, you might consider teeth whitening. You might […]

Invisalign vs. Braces: Pros, Cons, and Pricing

If you are considering straightening your teeth, the looming question is always: Invisalign vs. braces. Which one should you get? Straightening teeth accomplishes more than getting your teeth in ideal alignment. You gain confidence, you improve your ability to chew food with a better bite, and you avoid potential TMJ problems with properly aligned jaws.  […]