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8 of the Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Products (ADA-Approved)!

All dentists know that the best at-home teeth whitening products are going to be ADA-approved. The ADA is the American Dental Association. Any over-the-counter teeth whiteners that are not ADA-approved are going to leave your dentist a bit skeptical. Believe it or not, there are drugstore products available that can effectively remove the most challenging […]

How Much Are Teeth Fillings?

How much are teeth fillings? If you’re asking this, it’s because you think that you might have a cavity. Despite the advancements of modern dentistry, tooth decay remains common. Unfortunately, a significant number of affected teeth continue untreated due to cost and access to care. Restoring a damaged tooth with a small filling prevents more […]

How Much Does a 3D Dental Scan Cost?

So, your dentist told you that you’re going to need a 3D dental scan before they can start on your life-change smile transformation. Whether you’re getting veneers or dental implants, this step in the procedure just sounds sophisticated. Or, in other words— pricey.  But how much does a 3D dental scan cost, and do you have […]