These 8 Celebrities Wearing Invisalign Prove It’s Worth It!

For many people, having braces can almost feel like a rite of passage when you’re in your teens. However, fixing your smile isn’t only for kids and teenagers; adults often decide later in life that it’s not too late for a beautiful smile. And the best solution nowadays is Invisalign. 

You may not be surprised to find that there are celebrities wearing Invisalign. Like you, they want to go for a more subtle option. But is it really worth all the hype? And how long did it take them to see results?

Let’s see what your favorite celebrities have to say about it!


8 Celebrities Wearing Invisalign That You Didn’t Know About 

Believe it or not, not all celebrities are born with perfectly straight teeth.

Even though it may seem that way.

Since braces are extremely visible, many celebrities opt for Invisalign instead. These clear plastic aligners work just like braces to shift your teeth into the correct spot without the extra metal.

They usually go unnoticed, which is why you probably had no idea these 8 celebrities were working on their smiles with Invisalign.


1. Justin Bieber 

celebrities using invisalign

Source: YouTube

When you think of celebrities using Invisalign, Justin Bieber probably doesn’t automatically come to mind. However, the world-famous singer had a common issue known as crowding.

To fix this, Bieber opted for Invisalign, which seems to have fit better with his lifestyle (considering he was already famous at that time).

He mentions there’s some discomfort at times, but it’s less severe with Invisalign compared to traditional braces. Bieber also praised the look of Invisalign, which is much less noticeable than metal braces.

Source: His YouTube Channel

2. Katy Perry


Source: YouTube

You might remember the braces and headgear Katy Perry donned in the TGIF music video, a lot of people aren’t aware that she used Invisalign back in 2016. Perry wanted to fix her lower front teeth, which were crowded and crooked. 

Instead of taking inspiration from her own music video and getting braces, she opted for Invisalign.

Within a few months of consistent use, Perry was able to show off her new smile on red carpets and music videos. 

Source: This YouTube Video

3. Anna Kendrick


Photo: Anna Kendrick Instagram | Twitter

Pitch Perfect actress, Anna Kendrick, is one celebrity that’s not shy about using Invisalign. 

Back in 2013, she was very open about it. Kendrick stated that she had been keeping up with wearing her Invisalign aligners for a few months, and friends, family, and coworkers noticed the results. 

While on set (possible The Last 5 Years musical?) the sound crew decided to turn her Invisalign case into a fashion statement by adding a fun label to the front!

Source: Her Twitter

4. Britney Spears


Source: Britney Spear’s Instagram

If you’re wondering how long it takes to see results with Invisalign, take a look at legendary pop star Britney Spears.

In 2020, Spears shared a video on Instagram answering some fan questions. In the caption, she disclosed she recently got a retainer.

Considering she got her retainer last year, it goes to show that you can see results with Invisalign in a relatively short matter of time— even less than a year!

Source: Her Instagram Video

5. Billie Eilish


Source: YouTube

One of the most famous celebrities wearing Invisalign right now is Grammy award-winning artist Billie Eilish. She had a minor gap that she was looking to close to perfect her smile. 

Eilish has been very vocal about her use and support of Invisalign. She actually shows herself taking the aligners off in her “Bad Guy” music video.

Her brother Finneas mentions in an interview that she’s used Invisalign for over a year and has grown accustomed to them after using them on a regular basis.

Source: YouTube

6. Demi Lovato

How long with invisalign to see results

Credit: Demi Lovato. Disney; Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Teen Vogue

While many celebrities with Invisalign are happy with their smiles once treatment is complete, Demi Lovato had a slightly different experience. 

In 2016, Lovato told Allure Magazine

“I signed with Disney Channel when I got Camp Rock, and I had a gap between my two front teeth. They were like, ‘Would you be willing to fix it?’ I wish today that I hadn’t, because my gap was really cute.”

That’s the thing you need to consider if you’re thinking about getting clear retainers. Do you want them to fix something cosmetic like tooth gaps? Or is it a necessary step for your oral health care?

P.S.: If it’s the latter, your insurance may cover it! 

7. Serena Williams


Credit: Serena Williams’ Instagram

When considering all these celebrities wearing Invisalign, athletes may not come to mind.

Olympic gold medalist Serena Williams had braces at a young age, which mostly helped her achieve the flawless smile she has today. however, she opted for Invisalign later in her career when she had to get treatment again (this usually happens when patients don’t wear their after-braces retainer as instructed).

If you’re an athlete like Williams, Invisalign may be a safer option. After all, who wants to risk getting injured with a mouth full of metal?  

8. Zac Efron


Actor Zac Efron, who started out as everyone’s favorite teen heartthrob, underwent an Invisalign treatment to close the gap in his teeth as he transitioned out of his High School Musical days.

Efron’s former girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, formerly mentions his new look in an interview with Celebs Now

“I mean, he wasn’t the guy that he is today,” she explained, when remembering their High School Musical days. “Like, he had a gap in his teeth! He was a whole different person.”

His look has definitely changed over the years!


Should you get Invisalign? There’s one way to find out! Book your appointment with Dr. Lasry today or give us a call at 310-734-7705.

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