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How to Find a Good Dentist – 4 Signs You Found “The One”

Discovering how to find a good dentist can save you stress, money, and possibly the expense of a root canal. Since most dental treatment is irreversible, it is critical to make the best decision before choosing one. When you choose a dentist, you are selecting the person who will oversee your complete oral health. You will depend on this person to guide you, teach you, and encourage you to maintain healthy teeth and gums throughout your lifetime.

Your dentist should detect small dental problems before they become big and expensive problems. Look for someone personable, professional, and skilled in their profession. Your dentist will need to care about your dental health and your general health by staying up to date on dentistry and infection control topics.

You should expect all of this from the dentist you choose. Here is a Guide on How To Find a Good Dentist to make the best choice possible.


Search For ‘Good Dentist Near Me’


The first place you will most likely look for the right dentist is your own network of friends and family. A personal recommendation from someone you know (word of mouth marketing) is still considered the most important social media by many experts. In fact, according to Nielsen, 92% of people trust the recommendation of family and friends more than any form of marketing.

After your personal connections, you can go online to learn as much as you can before choosing your dentist. Some sites, such as the American Dental Association (ADA), will let you know where the dentist went to school and whether they are members of the ADA.

Other sites such as Google reviews and Yelp, offer first-hand descriptions by patients treated at a particular dental office. The use of these sites must be judicious because they have the potential to be abused. In fact, a patient could have a grievance that is warranted, but they air their complaint in a one-sided manner. The dentist may not be aware of the negative review or may feel that defending themself will only make matters worse. Online reviews can be helpful if you take these factors into account.

Inspecting online office images can be extremely helpful. You can tell whether the office is kept neat, clean, and up to date. It is often possible to discover what services a dentist offers online. This could be a determining factor for you if you are looking for specific dental treatments such as crowns or implants.

Office location and hours of operation may be essential to minimize time missed from school or work. Convenience might not be a factor for a retired person but could be critical for a university student.


What Are Your Expectations For Your Dentist?


According to the ADA, one of the basic considerations when choosing a dentist is whether they are in your dental insurance network. You can discuss the insurance benefits you should expect with the office manager to understand your financial responsibility.

If you expect the need for a payment plan, discuss your options sooner rather than later. A frank discussion about financial issues can avert most problems with a dental office before they arise.


Discuss the after-hours dental emergency policy. Does the dentist use an answering service? Are weekends and holidays shared with another dentist? Understanding the procedure in advance can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts in the future.

Most dentists do everything possible to stay on schedule to minimize the time you spend waiting. But emergencies and unplanned events throughout the day can disrupt the best thought-out daily schedule. Discuss contingencies for this possibility.

4 Signs You Have a Good Dentist


  1. They Don’t Upsell: A good dentist doesn’t try to “sell” dentistry that you don’t need. Your dentist will know exactly what you need and what you don’t need to maintain optimal oral health. Both aspects of proper dental care are crucial. When a dentist does not diagnose an existing condition, it usually worsens into a more severe problem that requires more extensive treatment. For example, an undetected small cavity requiring a conservative filling can become a tooth requiring a root canal treatment and crown to save the tooth from extraction. On the other hand, performing unnecessary dental treatment can weaken teeth and compromise your oral health.
  2. A Good Dentist Educates: We explain to you the various aspects of quality dental treatment. Your dentist will spend the time to explain your dental problem and the necessary services to solve that problem. We always answer your questions so that you fully understand the treatment you receive. Your dentist will also educate you on the best at-home methods to keep your teeth and gums healthy between your regular dental checkups. This emphasis on prevention prevents extensive dental work in the future.
  3. They Have a Clean Office: This is of paramount importance today. We want you to have confidence that the office implements the latest infection control practices. A new reception room and treatment rooms are the standards today.
  4. A Good Dentist Follows Up: Regular dental cleanings and examinations every 6 months are important to prevent major dental problems from developing. You should receive regular reminders to schedule these visits. It is also important that your dentist’s office contact you after extensive dental treatment to check on your condition.

Best Dentist in Los Angeles

Have you searched “best dentist in LA” on Google? Then you may have noticed that the top results change from day to day and even hourly. The reason for this is that these are paid advertisements, just like advertisements on television. The dentist at the top of the page is not there because they are the “best dentist in Los Angeles.” That dentist just paid more than any other dentist in Los Angeles.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use Google to do reviews, read articles, and inspect images of the office you are considering before making your final choice of a dentist.

You can set your mind at ease about finding the “best dentist” because that dentist does not exist and never has. There are many excellent dentists, and your goal is to find the best one for you.

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  1. Alice Carroll
    Alice Carroll says:

    I agree that the capacity to educate patients is a good trait to look for in a general dentist. I want to look for one soon because I’m interested in getting braces for my teeth soon. Having a thorough consultation beforehand would surely be the best way to ensure that the procedure would be as safe as possible.


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