Invisalign in Los Angeles: do you really need it?

Invisalign in Los Angeles: Do You Really Need It?

Services for Invisalign in Los Angeles are a dime a dozen. But how does the process work, and are you the right candidate? Dr. Lasry explains everything you need to know.

Technological developments have modernized the world to an exceptional level, and this advanced equipment has made dental treatment easier and more accessible. 

Our profession is recently developing new and useful technologies that we gladly offer to our patients at Lasry Dental Clinic. And one of the most renowned and preferred modern treatments is Invisalign Aligners.

Nowadays, Invisalign is one of the most popular choices for correcting crooked teeth. However, not everyone is eligible, and you may still need braces.

Let’s dive into the details.


What are Invisalign Aligners?


Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment that makes use of clear aligner trays rather than traditional metal brackets and wires. 

Since its introduction in 1997, Invisalign has proven to be incredibly useful for individuals who wish to pursue orthodontic treatment without the typical drawbacks that tend to come with braces.

Invisalign can be successful in treating the following conditions:

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Open bite

These trays are made up of flexible plastic and are free from Bisphenol A (BPA). Invisalign aligner treatments contain various made-to-order molds according to your smile, which we replace every few weeks. Every mold is of a slightly different form, gently influencing misaligned teeth into their proper position.


Benefits of Invisalign 


Your instant thought when it comes to correcting your smile is that you have to get braces.

While braces are an effective treatment, we understand these are not our patients’ favorite option. Metal braces can be uncomfortable and (obviously) quite noticeable.

We use Invisalign aligners to straighten your teeth for a better smile, and they come with a ton of benefits such as:

  • Comfortable and personalized trays
  • Clear aligner trays are nearly invisible – no unsightly brackets or wires
  • Shorter overall treatment time as compared with traditional braces
  • Invisalign trays can easily be removed to eat, brush, and floss
  • No restrictive changes to diet are necessary
  • No special care is necessary; simply remove your trays to brush and floss as you normally would
  • Invisalign is capable of treating many of the same issues as traditional braces

Invisalign’s elasticity makes it particularly engaging, especially for our adult patients who are looking for Invisalign in Los Angeles. Just remember that if you do take your trays to eat or because you don’t want to wear them to an event, you must put them back on as soon as you’re done. Invisalign is only effective if you wear them according to your dentist’s introductions. 

If you wear your Invisalign correctly, we can correct your teeth in half of the time it might need with metal wires.

What Can I Eat With Invisalign?

Traditional braces require certain diet restrictions as a way to protect the brackets and wires. Diet restrictions are also needed to keep the teeth protected, as harmful acids or sugars can easily become trapped between the braces and the teeth. This ultimately causes damage to the protective layer of enamel and can lead to cavities.

Invisalign trays are completely clear and can easily be removed and reinserted. Because of this, Invisalign patients experience very little to no disruption to their daily activities or diet.

While most patients do not have to make significant changes to their diet while wearing Invisalign, there are some things that are best to avoid:

  • Do not drink coffee or tea while wearing Invisalign, as the trays may warp from the heat or become stained
  • Do not eat while wearing your Invisalign trays; food may become trapped, posing a risk to the health of the tooth enamel. 
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products while wearing your Invisalign; the trays may stain

Ultimately, it is a good rule of thumb not to eat or drink anything other than water while wearing your Invisalign trays. Always ensure that you thoroughly brush and floss your teeth before reinserting your trays.


Invisalign in Los Angeles: The Process 

invisalign before and after

We can complete your Invisalign treatments in simple, brief stages.

Step 1: The Consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Lasry assesses your teeth to decide if Invisalign treatment is appropriate for you. If you’re the right candidate, then Dr. Lasry will scan your teeth and create a computer-generated image and map out the exact treatment plan for you. Our 3D system means you don’t have to sit through the process of biting into uncomfortable teeth molds to get your impression!

Step 2: The Treatment Plan

This is also when you’ll receive a treatment plan and a breakdown of the associated costs. We can figure out what your insurance covers and come up with a payment plan if necessary. 

Step 3: Custom Made Trays

After that, we send your teeth impressions to our laboratory to create your custom-made Invisalign trays. It can take a few weeks for these to be made and delivered back to our office. 

Step 4: Pick Up Your Invisalign

Once your aligners are ready, you can pick them up from our clinic. From there, we show you how to use them and when to replace your aligners (typically every two weeks).

Am I a Candidate for Invisalign in Los Angeles?


If you are considering pursuing Invisalign treatment, it is important to first determine if you are an ideal candidate for treatment.

Of course, your orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination and consultation to help you determine if you are an Invisalign candidate, but here are some traits and types of individuals that typically qualify:

Your Invisalign trays are created with a 3D scanner after we take a mold of your teeth. We’ll change them every two weeks as your teeth adjust. This is the perfect solution if you have:

    • Overcrowded teeth
    • Crooked teeth
    • Misaligned teeth
    • Jaw alignment problems (underbites and overbites)

You will be excited to know that Invisalign aligners have high success rates. However, we don’t recommend it for complex dental cases. You may not be qualified for Invisalign in Los Angeles based on:

  • You’re a smoker: Patients who are active smokers or users of other forms of tobacco may not qualify for Invisalign in Los Angeles because the Invisalign trays may become yellowed or discolored over time
  • Your tooth shape: Short, round, and other types of teeth forms can’t get a firm grip on your aligner trays, which means they won’t be successful in realigning your teeth.
  • Gaps: Invisalign is excellent if you have small teeth gaps, but large or multiple gaps in your teeth mean you’re more likely in need metal braces first. 
  • Previous dental work: If you’ve had bridges or crowns, you may not be able to get this type of treatment.

The best way to determine if Invisalign is right for you is to speak with an orthodontist. Feel free to give Lasry Dental Clinic a call at 310-743-7705 to schedule an Invisalign consultation in Los Angeles. 


Invisalign Before and After: How Long Does It Take?


The effect of Invisalign aligners varies from person to person. Some patients might see changes within one or two weeks, while some patients might begin to notice the difference in ten to twelve weeks. It all depends on the current condition of your teeth.

Adult Invisalign treatments take approximately twelve months to complete. The aligners must be worn 20 to 22 hours each day for maximum results.

Is Invisalign Worth It?

For many people, the main benefit of having straight teeth is high confidence and self-esteem. Being able to show off your smile and feel confident about the way it looks is a major benefit that can be potentially life-changing.

The truth is that there are a ton of reasons why Invisalign is worth it! Reasons such as:

  • Improved chewing abilities; it is much easier to chew when the bite is even and the teeth are all correctly aligned
  • Reduced bacteria inside the mouth lowers the chance of bad breath
  • Easier to thoroughly clean teeth; misalignment, crookedness, or overlapped teeth can make it extremely difficult to ensure that all surfaces of the teeth are clean
  • Improved speech capabilities
  • Reduced chance of developing gingivitis or gum disease
  • Reduced chance of bone loss, which may consequently lead to teeth becoming loose or losing teeth altogether. 

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign aligners need the least maintenance, but you should be cleaning them daily.

It’s best practice to take your aligners out while you eat and drink hot or dark-colored beverages. Then, you should brush and floss your teeth before you put your trays back in your mouth.

To clean your Invisalign retainers:

  1. Rinse them under lukewarm water.
  2. Avoid running them into hot water as high temperatures can deform the plastic.
  3. Use your toothpaste and a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the inside of your Invisalign trays.
  4. Rinse them again, and they’re ready to wear!


How Much Does Invisalign in Los Angeles Cost?


The national average for Invisalign is $3,000–$5,000, according to the Consumer Guide for Dentistry.

Traditional braces are around $2,000-$6,000 on average in the U.S. So if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, you can rest assured that they won’t cost you much more than metal braces. 

Is Invisalign is covered by insurance?

We get this question a lot. Cosmetic dentistry services aren’t usually covered by insurance unless it’s needed for medical purposes.

However, the health of the teeth and gums is directly linked to the health of the rest of your body. So, you may qualify for this if you have a condition such as an overbite

As previously mentioned, crooked or overlapping teeth can potentially trap food particles or bacteria, causing harm to the teeth and gums. When there is a high amount of bacteria in the mouth, there is a risk of the bacteria entering the bloodstream and having a potentially serious effect on the heart and other parts of the body. In fact, a direct link between gum disease and heart disease, heart attack, and stroke has been found. 

Read the article below for more information about the cost of dental work without insurance.


Lasry Dental Clinic: Best Invisalign Dentist in Los Angeles


If you’re still unsure if this is the right route for you, why don’t you give us a call? Dr. Lasry and our team are experts in all things Invisalign in Los Angeles. We’ll use our updated systems to find the right path for you.

Please read about our COVID-19 guidelines and schedule a call here when you’re ready!

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