Los Angeles Veneers: Everything You Need To Know

Are Los Angeles veneers right for you?

Some might call them a beauty trend, but veneers are more than just a vanity prize. Veneers are paper-thin shells that cover your chipped, stained, or gapped teeth. 

At Lasry Dental Clinic, we can recommend services that directly address these problems. With stained teeth, you might consider teeth whitening. You might need braces with gaps, and a simple tooth chip is repairable with a filling or cap. 

However, it’s time to consider veneers when one or more of these becomes a consistent problem. Veeners are shaped and colored exactly like your real teeth so that nobody will know the difference. You’ll achieve that “perfect” smile with a simple adhesion that can last for years. 

The price of veneers in Los Angeles varies depending on the type of material you’ll need and how long your specific procedure takes. Let’s take a look at your options, pricing, and process to decide if you want to get veneers.

How Much Are Veneers in Los Angeles?

As mentioned, Los Angeles veneer prices vary depending on the type of material we use. At Lasry Dental Clinic, we offer Lumineers, composite veneers, and porcelain veneers so that everyone has an option. 


This is your no-prep option, so it’s going to be the most affordable. Also referred to as “snap-on smiles,” Lumineers have their pros and cons. 

Typically, we’ll take a composite of your exact dental structure to make sure the veneers fit properly. However, this isn’t available for snap-on smiles, meaning your veneers could be a bad fit and slightly uncomfortable. 

They’re also made out of cheaper material, so they don’t last as long or look as natural as your other options. 

Composite Veneers

These fall in the middle for Los Angeles veneers pricing. These resin teeth cover usually take a single visit and are easily repairable.

While these may cost less than porcelain veneers, they also aren’t as durable. If your composite resin veneers crack or break, you will need to come back to our clinic for refitting and repair. 

Porcelain Veneers

These are your top tier option. They look the most realistic, bond the best to your teeth, and won’t stain. Porcelain veneers even have a slight shine to them, the same way your natural teeth do after a good brushing.

Porcelain veneers are permanent, so we use a strong cement mixing agent, and we fit the material snuggly over your teeth. And unlike these other options, you won’t have any food restrictions if you go for the porcelain material. 

Los Angeles veneers price range

Veneers are sometimes priced per tooth, so the more you need, the pricer they can get. Lumineers start at about $900 at the most affordable, holistic option. 

A composite or porcelain veneer averages at about $250-$1,000 per tooth. 

Are veneers covered by insurance?

It depends on your insurance, but usually, veneers are considered cosmetic dental care, which most dental insurances don’t cover.

However, if there are health concerns tied to your decision to get veneers (for example, tooth gaps can lead to plaque buildup and infection), then you may be able to get your veneers covered by insurance. 


Veneers Procedure

You can have your veneers as quickly as two dental visits. Here’s how the procedure will go:

Step 1: Come into our Los Angeles location for your consultation. We’ll discuss your veneer options and help you make the decision.

Step 2: We’ll make an impression of your teeth to get the best fit and send it out to a specialist to complete. It takes a few days to finalize your custom veneers.

Step 3: To affix the material to your enamel, we may need to shave down your teeth to make sure the veneers don’t crowd your teeth. Remember, this material is paper-thin, so your teeth won’t be riddled down to pegs like you may have seen on social media. 

Step 4: During your second visit, we’ll officially bond your resin or porcelain veneers to your teeth. We’ll do a quick cleaning to make sure there isn’t any debris in your teeth or gums, mix our cement bonding agent, and slightly scrape the surface of your tooth to create texture. This texture on your enamel helps the veneer securely bond to your teeth. 

Depending on your choice of material (and how well you take care of them), your veneers should last you 10-15 years. 

Are veneers safe? 

Veneers are safe as long as your teeth and gums are in good condition. We won’t recommend these if you have gum irritation or major tooth breakage, especially since the veneer bonding depends on the strength of your enamel for support. 

We’re presiding veneers every week at Lasry Dental Clinic! They’re the quickest and safest solution for anyone who wants that classic smile. 

how much veneers cost

Should You Get Los Angeles Veneers?

We’ve had a few patients who didn’t think veneers are for them. Many of our patients come in under the assumption we’ll tell them they need braces or Invisalign to correct crooked teeth or gaps. 

But veneers are a great option for people with slightly misaligned teeth. And if you’ve undergone numerous teeth whitening treatments (at the dentist) and your teeth are unfazed, veneers will be your ultimate solution.

Here are a few more instances where veneers just make sense:

  • Your teeth are worn or chipped;
  • There’s uneven spacing in your front teeth;
  • You have misshapen or crooked teeth, but you don’t want braces or Invisalign;
  • Your teeth are different sizes;
  • Stained, brown, or discolorment issues

Keep in mind that in some circumstances, we can’t recommend veneers. We don’t recommend veneers if you have crowded teeth, gum issues, tooth decay, or if you have weak enamel. 



So how will you know if Los Angeles veneers are right for you? By coming in to visit Lasry Dental Clinic, of course! You can find us at 1125 South Beverly Dr, Floor 7 / Suite 750A Los Angeles, CA 90035.

You can read about our current Safety Guidelines here, and you can learn a little more about our Veneer Services on our website as well. 

Book your appointment today or give us a call at 310-734-7705.

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