Dental crowns and bridges are used to restore damaged or missing teeth. A crown is most often used following root canal therapy, while a bridge is often used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. At Lasry Dental Clinic in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, we create beautiful dental restorations that look and feel just like real teeth.

Our commitment to metal-free dentistry ensures our patients enjoy the highest-quality materials for impeccable results. We use zirconia crowns and bridges to create beautiful restorations that fit the surroundings. To explore your options for dental crowns and dental bridge restorations, book an appointment with Lasry Dental Clinic today.

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Dental crowns and bridges in Beverly Hills

Your smile is your personal brand, offering a glimpse into your personality. When you smile with confidence, you tell a story that is unique to you. We are proud to be able to support patients on their journey to a more confident and natural smile. If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, if you require root canal therapy, or if you’ve opted for dental implants, we can help restore your smile.

Dental crowns and bridges require careful preparation and skilled placement to ensure longevity and a natural appearance. We create dental restorations that fit seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, restoring function, and confidence. To explore your dental restoration options with our experienced team, get in touch with Lasry Dental Clinic today for dental care with a French flair.

Restore your smile and regain function

Missing teeth are not only a blow to your confidence, they can also cause damage to the surrounding teeth. A gap in your teeth can cause the neighboring teeth to shift. It can also make it difficult to chew food and weaken the tooth on the opposite jaw which no longer has anything to push against. By placing an implant or a bridge, you can restore function to the entire arch.

We start every consultation with a panoramic X-Ray which gives a complete picture of your jaw, teeth, and surrounding structures. This ear-to-ear image is more advanced than a flat X-Ray image. Digital scanners allow us to visualize the space inside your mouth, allowing us to create a crown or bridge that fits perfectly with the surrounding teeth. This extra level of preparation ensures a swift appointment when the restoration is placed.

The dental crown procedure

A dental crown is a cap that fits on top of a natural tooth or a dental implant abutment. A dental crown may be required following root canal therapy. This will help to protect the underlying tooth structure which is often weakened by the removal of the dental material. The area will be completely numbed for the procedure and we can provide dental sedation for nervous patients or those with a sensitive gag reflex.

The tooth may need to be prepared by removing a small amount of the upper surface. This will create a strong foundation for the crown, which is then cemented in place using special dental cement. The procedure is often completed in two visits, and you may have a temporary crown fitted between appointments to protect your tooth. Once completed your restoration should last from 10-15 years, or longer with good care.

The dental bridge procedure

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth. The bridge will include two dental crowns with a false tooth, or pontic, between. The surrounding teeth will be capped with crowns and this will provide a strong anchor for the false tooth. This is a cost-effective alternative to a dental implant. It can help to restore your bite and make it easier to chew and eat.

The dental bridge procedure is similar to the dental crown procedure, except that two teeth will be prepared for a crown instead of just one. The surrounding teeth will be prepared by removing a small amount of the top layer. The crowns are then fixed to the two surrounding teeth. These will keep the false tooth in place, distributing the force of your bite across the three teeth. This procedure is often completed in two visits to the office.

Transform your smile with dental crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are not only useful for protecting and restoring damaged teeth, they can also be used to create a more aesthetic look. You may consider dental crowns and bridges for:

  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped teeth

Dr. Samuel Lasry will always advise you on the best course of treatment for your situation, so you can trust that his advice will be based on medical expertise, not cost.

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FAQ about dental crowns and bridges

We use zirconia for our dental restorations as we believe it offers incredible durability and a natural finish. It is also a metal-free choice, which reduces the risk of sensitivity or allergy.

A dental crown can last from 5-15 years with the proper care. The lifetime of the crown will depend on the location, as some teeth will endure more pressure and impact. By avoiding foods that can cause damage to the crown, and by brushing and flossing daily, you can prolong the life of your dental restoration.

A bridge will be stronger with just one tooth, but two teeth may be added to close large gaps. This will depend on the placement of the bridge and the size and quality of the surrounding teeth. To find out if you are suitable for a bridge restoration, book your appointment today.