We are proud to offer Invisalign orthodontics at Lasry Dental Clinic. Invisalign is the world leader in clear aligners and removable orthodontics. This revolutionary system removes many of the obstacles to getting straighter teeth and allows people of all ages to enjoy orthodontics.

An Invisalign aligner is made of strong, clear plastic. Instead of brackets and wires attached to the teeth, Invisalign uses a series of aligners to move the teeth into the correct position. This is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment, as the wearer can take out the aligner to brush their teeth, eat, and drink. If you’re interested in getting straighter teeth, book your appointment today.

Invisalign | Lasry Dental Clinic

Invisalign orthodontics in Beverly Hills

Dr. Samuel Lasry has more than 10 years of experience in Invisalign aligner technology. Patients turn to Dr. Lasry to fix problems with overcrowded, crooked, and misaligned teeth, in addition to jaw alignment problems. Choosing Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment will give you the freedom to straighten your teeth on your terms.

If you are shy about orthodontics or you are concerned about the additional care required for traditional braces, Invisalign could be perfect for you. The invisible aligners fit discreetly over the teeth, gently maneuvering the teeth into position. You can remove the aligners to eat your favorite foods, enjoy a hot drink, or to brush and floss. This offers added flexibility, as you will still be able to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners. These are created from 3D scans of your teeth. You change the aligners every 2 weeks throughout your treatment, and each aligner will bring you closer to your desired look. In complex cases, attachments and precision wings are used to provide greater control. Once your teeth have reached the ideal position, you can keep them in place by wearing the Vivera retainers at night time.

Invisalign may be used for complex or simple alignment issues. This system is also suitable for jaw alignment problems, including underbite and overbite. They are suitable for adults and teens, making them one of the most versatile and discreet teeth straightening systems available.

Enjoy Invisalign at any age

Your Invisalign journey starts with a simple consultation. If Dr. Samuel Lasry thinks you are a suitable candidate, he will scan your teeth to create a computer-generated image. He will then demonstrate the results you can expect to achieve with the Invisalign system. Being able to visualize the results helps many patients to keep on track with their treatment and ensure they wear their aligners for the required time per day.

During the consultation, you will receive a treatment plan and a breakdown of the associated costs. If your insurance does not cover orthodontic treatment, we can advise you on financial options to pay for your treatment. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, the 3D scans of your teeth will be used to create your aligners. This means no biting into uncomfortable teeth molds. The aligners will be created in a laboratory and shipped to the Lasry Dental Clinic in Beverly Hills for you to collect and begin your treatment.

Your Invisalign consultation

Invisalign is not only for teens, adults are also discovering the benefits of clear removable orthodontics. To find out if you’re a suitable candidate for Invisalign, book your consultation today.

During the consultation, Dr. Samuel Lasry will:

  • Scan your mouth using a 3D scanner
  • Provide a computer-generated image of the results you can expect
  • Offer a breakdown of your treatment plan
  • Outline payment options and insurance coverage

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FAQ About Invisalign

You might experience slight discomfort when you switch to a new aligner. This is because the aligner is moving your teeth into a new position. You shouldn’t have any pain, only discomfort, and this should be easily managed with Advil or other pain killers.

Yes, through the use of precision wings and elastics, the jaw can be moved into the correct position to make it easier for you to chew, smile, and speak.

Every orthodontic treatment plan is different, so it would be impossible to say which is faster. What is certain is that the Invisalign system offers a discreet teeth straightening option. Many patients don’t mind the length of their treatment when they know they can remove their braces, and when the braces are nearly invisible.

This will depend on your insurance coverage. Some plans only cover orthodontics for teens, not adults. In this instance, you would need to self-finance your orthodontic treatment. We offer flexible payment plans to help make Invisalign treatment affordable and accessible to everyone.

Once you have started your Invisalign treatment plan, you will be able to manage your progress from home. Every 2 weeks, you will switch to a new aligner until you reach the end of your program. The only time you would need to visit the dentist would be if you are in pain, if you lose an aligner, or if your dentist instructs you to do so. If you are using attachments or wings, Dr. Lasry may wish to follow your treatment progress more closely.