Digital X Rays offer a glimpse into the future of dentistry, and we are pleased to offer this technology at Lasry Dental Clinic. By using the Panorex system and 3D X Rays, we can get a better picture of your teeth, jaws, joints, and sinuses. And when we can see your facial structure more clearly, we can offer more accurate diagnoses and support.

The Panorex system replaces multiple X Rays by offering a view of the entire mouth in one image. The wraparound films allow the dentist to see all of the teeth and the jaw bones in one view. It makes it easier to determine if a patient is a good candidate for implants or orthodontic treatment. It also improves the service for the patient, giving them confidence that their treatment will be successful.

Panorex and 3 D X-Ray | Lasry Dental Clinic

Panorex dental X Rays in Beverly Hills

We are dedicated to using the latest digital advancement tools to make our practice more streamlined and treatment outcomes more successful. Panorex is just one of the advanced tools we use to help in diagnosis and treatment. Through 3D scanning and X Rays, we can identify potential problems with treatment before they arise.

This technology is also ideal for treating nervous patients and those with an extreme gag reflex. This non-intrusive X-Ray system allows the dentist to diagnose problems while minimizing contact with the patient. The ear-to-ear X-Ray will reveal impacted wisdom teeth, cysts, abnormalities, and jawbone fractures. These would be difficult to identify with the use of advanced imaging.

Panorex for dental implants

The Panorex system is used to determine if a patient is a suitable candidate for dental implants. Bone density and the structure of the jaw are essential for success during the implant procedure, and this cannot be assessed without the help of specialist imaging. Once the implants are placed, the Panorex panoramic X-Ray allows your dentist to determine when the implants are ready for the abutment and crown.

Dr. Samuel Lasry is proud to offer Panorex as standard for all dental implant patients. By having access to the latest technology in the dental practice, we can offer high success rates for complex treatments like dental implants. This system is also essential for assessing the success of bone grafting before dental implants. You can read more about dental implant bone grafting here.

Panorex for orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is more successful when the dentist has a complete picture of the patient’s teeth. This can help to reduce treatment time and increase the success rate. The Invisalign system uses a digital scanner to create a 3D picture of the teeth. With this image, we can offer a representation of the results you can expect to achieve following treatment.

The Panorex system also helps Dr. Lasry to track the position of your teeth as they move into place. If extractions are required, this will be evident from the 3D X-Ray. Panorex helps the dentist to create a clear treatment plan, ensuring that the patient is never kept in the dark about their progress and what results they can expect. Learn more about our Invisalign orthodontic treatment here.

How often should you have a dental X-Ray?

We offer all new patients a panoramic dental X-Ray to help with diagnoses and to better understand the jaw structure. After that, it makes sense to get a new dental X-Ray every few years. This will help your dentist to identify changes in the structure and to spot emerging problems.

You should also have a dental X-Ray at the start of any new treatment plan. This includes a root canal, dental implants, and orthodontics. Some patients will then need yearly X Rays to keep track of their treatment progress.

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FAQ about Panorex and 3D X-Ray

Panorex is used to get a clear picture of the teeth, gums, jaw, and sinuses. It can help create treatment plans for dental implants, root canals, or orthodontics. And finally, it can also diagnose issues that cannot be seen during a routine checkup, such as impacted teeth and cysts.

A Panorex X-Ray isn’t always necessary, but it is helpful for first-time patients and those looking for specialist treatment. We offer all new patients a panoramic X-Ray so that we can quickly diagnose any issues. We would also complete an X-Ray before beginning a new treatment such as dental implants or orthodontics.

Yes, the Panorex system is completely safe. They are safer than other types of X Rays as they allow far less radiation into the body. The single panoramic image avoids the need for multiple images from different angles.