A dental filling is used to restore a tooth following the removal of a cavity. The damaged and infected part of the tooth is removed with a drill and the hole is filled and protected with a specialist material. In the past, metal amalgam fillings were more common, but today, white fillings are becoming increasingly popular as the aesthetic choice.

A dental filling can help to prolong the life of a tooth, protecting it from further damage and avoiding the need for a root canal or extraction. Only a dentist can diagnose the need for a dental filling. To find out if you need a dental filling, or to find out about removal and replacement, get in touch with Lasry Dental Clinic.

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Aesthetic dental fillings in Beverly Hills

While strong and very durable, metal amalgam fillings are also dark and don’t match the surrounding structure. We allow our patients to put aesthetics first with the use of tooth-colored filling material. Composite filling material allows for a more natural finish by matching the filling material to the color of the surrounding tooth structure.

Composite dental fillings not only look natural, they are also strong and durable. And since there is no metal content, your teeth will not experience any additional sensitivity. A tooth-colored filling is one of the best ways to restore and protect a tooth after a cavity. Composite resin may also be used for cosmetic restorations such as composite bonding. This allows the dentist to amend minor imperfections such as discolouration, gaps, or misalignment.

Sedation Dentistry for Nervous Patients

Patients with dental phobia may avoid treatment and put their dental health at risk. We don’t want you to experience any unnecessary pain or discomfort as a result of your dental phobia. If you’re a nervous patient, ask our friendly reception team about sedation options.

All you have to do is take a pill before your appointment, so you can start to feel more relaxed about your visit straight away. Some patients find it difficult to take the first step, but sedation dentistry can make it easier. You won’t be in any pain throughout the procedure and you won’t remember it.

The dental filling procedure

When you have a cavity, Dr. Samuel Lasry may recommend a dental filling. This procedure is quick and pain-free. You may experience pressure in your gums and teeth, but you should not experience any pain. The procedure starts with a numbing gel on your gums. This helps to make the local anesthetic injection easier to administer. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will check the area to make sure you don’t feel anything before starting the restoration.

A dental drill is used to remove the damaged portion of the tooth. This is the part of the procedure that many patients fear, but don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing. Dr. Lasry will wash and rinse the area to make sure it has been cleaned properly. He will then prepare the composite filling. This is a resin which is soft and pliable until it is cured and hardened with UV light. He will press the resin into your tooth cavity to create a new protective layer. The layers are built up and hardened to complete the tooth-colored restoration.

Replace your dental fillings with a colored filling

In addition to using composite resin for cavity restorations, Dr. Samuel Lasry can also replace your existing amalgam metal fillings with white fillings. This is a popular choice for individuals who wish to conceal these restorations. Amalgam fillings may fail after 10-15 years, so they may need to be replaced.

If you do not replace a missing filling, you risk exposing the nerve of the tooth. This can be very painful and can lead to a root canal or extraction. If you lose a filling, you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to arrange a replacement. This will help to protect the underlying structure and preserve the tooth.

Filling material explained

At Lasry Dental Clinic, we take a metal-free approach to dentistry. We believe that dental restorations should look natural and beautiful, which is why we only use composite resin for dental fillings.

Composite resin is strong, durable, and provides a natural-looking restoration. It may be used for front or rear teeth, and can even be used to fix minor imperfections in the shape of the teeth.

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FAQ About Dental Fillings

No, the dental filling procedure is not painful and you should not experience any discomfort. The sound of the drill might be strange and the pressure on your tooth might be unusual, but it will not be painful. A local anesthetic is used to completely numb the area. Unlike a general anesthetic, you will not need someone to drive you home after the procedure and you will be able to go about your day as usual.

Some fillings will last longer than others. Amalgam metal fillings are designed to last around 10-15 years and composite resin fillings will last 5-7 years. This will all depend on the area of the restoration. Restoration of a molar tooth will endure more impact and pressure than a front tooth.

Yes, dental fillings are safe and they have been extensively tested for safety. If you do not remove the damaged portion of a tooth and replace it with filling material, you risk the need for root canal therapy or extraction.

If you don’t like the appearance of your amalgam filling, it is possible to remove them and replace them with white fillings.