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Invisalign vs. Braces: Pros, Cons, and Pricing

If you are considering straightening your teeth, the looming question is always: Invisalign vs. braces. Which one should you get? Straightening teeth accomplishes more than getting your teeth in ideal alignment. You gain confidence, you improve your ability to chew food with a better bite, and you avoid potential TMJ problems with properly aligned jaws.  […]

5 Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Recommendations by Dr. Lasry

Teeth whitening toothpaste, despite its name, doesn’t do much when it comes to giving you a whiter smile.  But don’t let this diminish your use of these kinds of toothpaste entirely. Instead, let’s talk about what these marketing promises actually mean and what you can realistically expect from over-the-counter teeth whitening products.  RELATED: HOW TO […]