Teeth Bleaching By Dentist vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening Products

The best thing you can wear is a smile. So why not maintain its appearance? Teeth bleaching by a dentist is an easy way to keep a beautiful and long-lasting smile.

The popularity of teeth bleaching has grown over the years as more people discover its benefits. However, nowadays, the go-to method are those DIY teeth whitening products.

Don’t get us wrong— those over-the-counter items can work great! But here’s the catch:

Sometimes they won’t do the trick. And in even worse circumstances, they can severely damage your enamel if you use them the wrong way or too often.

If you’re wondering if teeth bleaching is something you may need (and can afford), we’re giving you the complete guide to help you decide!


What To Expect 


Although teeth whitening and teeth bleaching go hand in hand, there are distinct differences between the two. 

Teeth whitening focuses on whitening teeth so they can revert to their natural white tone. It helps bring out the organic color of your teeth. 

Teeth bleaching, however, is the excessive whitening of teeth. This will make them appear brighter than their natural color. 

Hydrogen peroxide, for example, is the bleaching agent in over-the-counter teeth whitening products. That’s why the companies that manufacture these items promote teeth whitening on their label.

Sometimes, teeth whitening products (that contain hydrogen peroxide) are all you need to remove those surface-level stains. It’s a natural and simple way to brighten your smile. But if you’re noticing that these products aren’t working, then you probably need teeth bleaching from a dentist.

There is also a new bleaching technique on the horizon. It’s called power bleaching. It uses a highly concentrated form of hydrogen peroxide to brighten teeth. Power bleaching can deliver results in just one session. You can expect it to last for an estimate of 1-3 years before having to complete another session.

To be honest, teeth bleaching services can run a bit expensive when done in a dental office. But the benefits are worth the cost (more on that in a second). 


4 Reasons You Might Need Teeth Bleaching By a Dentist


Teeth bleaching by a dentist not only helps enhance your smile but can also help to maintain your oral health

When you use teeth whiteners at home, you won’t be able to detect signs of damage your teeth might have. Discoloration, cavities, and tooth decay can all go unnoticed if not adequately assessed by a professional.

So, when you’re using at-home bleaching products on unhealthy teeth, it’s like putting a band-aid over more extensive issues. This could lead to more complications to your oral (and overall) health.

This is also why it’s better to bleach your teeth at a dental office.

Here are a few other reasons you might want to see a dentist about a teeth bleaching service instead of going the DIY route!


4. At-Home Products Aren’t Working

You can usually detect the full effects of teeth bleaching after 24 hours. 

Pretty impressive, right?

However, it takes way longer if you do it at home. DIY whitening remedies contain a lower dose of whitening concentration (the hydrogen peroxide), so it can take 2-3 weeks for successful results.

You should also take precautions when practicing at-home teeth whitening. Frequent or improper use of these items could potentially lead to enamel damage and cause many more complications to your teeth.

3. You’re an Avid Smoker 

You may be looking for a cure to your teeth stains from being a smoker. Stains from smoking are called intrinsic staining can be tough to remove. And it leaves teeth looking… unpleasant.

Sulieman on PubMed describes intrinsic staining as “dietary chromogens and other external elements deposit on the tooth surface or within the pellicle layer either directly or indirectly.” 

A teeth bleaching service from a dentist is your only solution to permanently getting rid of these types of stains.


2. You Have Dental Damage

Throughout your life, you’ll try a ton of mouth-watering foods and exotic drinks. The downside is that anything that comes into contact with your tooth’s enamel slowly makes it deteriorate over time. 

As we age, our enamel naturally gets thinner. When this happens, the inner yellow pulp or “dentin” becomes more transparent. Unfortunately, no amount of Crest Whitening Strips will get rid of that yellow color. 

Going through dental traumas also severely impacts your tooth’s nerve. Sometimes (in extreme circumstances), the nerve damage causes the dentin inside your tooth to die. When your dentin “dies,” it causes your teeth to become yellow, which you absolutely cannot fix with at-home products.

In these cases, you will need teeth bleaching by a dentist.

1. You Have Cosmetic Teeth

We’re all about cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles. But if your veneers are starting to look discolored, you have limited options.

While prosthetic teeth can easily mimic biting, chewing, and the appearance of natural teeth, we cannot say the same thing about whitening.

Porcelain veneers are highly resistant to stains and typically maintain the same bright color no matter what foods and drinks you eat. This, ultimately, makes veneer (and other types of cosmetic dental work) whitening unnecessary.

However, cosmetic teeth made of material other than porcelain may experience some discoloration over time. You’ll have to visit your dental office to see if teeth bleaching is an option. If not, we’ll likely have to replace them.


Cost of Teeth Bleaching by a Dentist 

teeth bleaching vs teeth whitening

Believe it or not, those bright Hollywood smiles you see on television and in movies are just as dazzling in person as they are on screen.

It’s not movie magic.

NPR describes the teeth whitening business to be a “$3.2 billion global industry, according to market analysts.” And although many of your favorite celebrities have their own before-and-after teeth whitening stories, it’s actually pretty cost-efficient!

So, how much does teeth whitening by a dentist cost? 

The average price for in-office whitening ranges from $450 to $1,000 per treatment, depending on your procedure and location. Unfortunately, insurance companies see teeth whitening as cosmetic dentistry instead of something medically necessary. Unless you and your dentist can find a medical reason for teeth bleaching, this likely won’t be covered under your insurance. 

Thankfully, most dental personnel have payment plans to make whitening teeth more affordable.

Teeth bleaching is more cost-efficient than veneers, which cost $470 and $2,500 per tooth. Composite bonding, another excellent cosmetic procedure, typically costs around $300 to $600 per tooth. 


However expensive it is, it’s important to note the benefits of dental bleaching by a dentist and how that can affect your overall well-being. We can ensure a beautiful bright smile without the dangers of teeth damage.


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